Easy Seafood Recipes For Beginners

Too many people are intimidated bycooking seafood. They might not know what kind of fish to buy and they think it’s too delicate and easy to screw up. Seafood, however, can be surprisingly easy. If you’re limiting yourself to only eating seafood when you’re out at a restaurant, you’re selling yourself short.

Salmon, with its meaty texture, is a great fish to start with. It’s versatile — you can bake, pan-sear, grill or poach it — and its oily skin keeps it naturally moist. Shellfish is also easier to work with than you might think. Shrimp is easy to work with and hard to mess up, and mussels require very little work.

With summer fast approaching, now is the perfect time to acquaint yourself with the ways of cooking seafood. We’ve rounded up 28 of our favorite, easy seafood recipes to help you get started:

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